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Ecorefresh Tencel & Suprelle Quilt


This eco-friendly quilt is made from 50% Tencel (a new age fibre made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees) and 50% Advanta Suprelle (adds loft, warmth and durability), with a luxurious Tencel sateen cover. Tencel is a silky-smooth, antibacterial and has the ability to wick 50% more moisture than cotton. This Tencel and Advanta Suprelle quilt is soft on your skin and gentle on the planet.

  • Sustainable Botanic Fibre
  • 4 different size options
  • Tencel sateen cover
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Sensitive Choice
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dry clean
  • Durable & warm
  • Standard Light Loft
  • Excellent moisture absorption

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Made from 50% Tencel and 50% Advansa Suprelle with a luxury 100% Tencel Sateen cover, the Ecorefresh Tencel & Suprelle quilt is incredibly soft and lightweight.  The Tencel component helps to wick moisture, while the Suprelle component adds loft and durability to the quilt.

Features & Benefits:

  • FILL:  50% Tencel, 50% Advansa Suprelle
  • COVER:  100% Tencel Sateen Cover
  • LOFT:  A beautifully soft, warm, lightweight (250gsm) quilt.
  • SIZES:  The Tencel & Suprelle Quilt comes in Single, Double, Queen, King and Super King
  • CARE:  P Method Dry Clean
  • GUARANTEE:  5 Year Product Guarantee
  • NOTES:  Asthma and Allergy friendly


What is TENCEL®?

TENCEL® is an award-winning ‘new-age’ fibre which is 100% botanic.  Made from plantation-grown, natural wood cellulose, it originates from the aromatic pulp of sustainably-harvested eucalyptus trees.  Because of the hydrophilic quality of Tencel, along with controllable fibrillation, it is much more efficient than other linens at keeping the body cooler while sleeping. TENCEL® is also a remarkable environmental achievement: it is derived from a renewable and sustainable raw material, it is manufactured sustainably and it is fully biodegradable, making it a ‘full-cycle’ fibre.

What are the benefits of TENCEL®?

Moisture-Wicking: Nanofibrils are one of the keys to the performance of TENCEL®. These nanofibrils are hydrophilic, meaning they have a strong attraction to absorb water (in fact TENCEL wicks 50% more moisture than cotton) plus they have excellent cooling properties.  The importance of this is that, each and every night the human body releases up to a litre of water vapour while we sleep. TENCEL® very quickly absorbs this moisture and then wicks it away from the body, leaving the bedding cool, dry and comfortable.

Anti-Bacterial:  Because of the tremendous capacity of TENCEL® to absorb moisture, bacteria, which love a moist environment, find it virtually impossible to grow.  As displayed below, the growth of bacteria on cotton is approximately 200 times more than on TENCEL®.  On synthetic fibres, the increase in bacteria is up to 2,000 times more. Due to the anti-bacterial properties of TENCEL® it is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, allergies or asthma. With its cool-feel, incredible softness, and durability TENCEL® is also the perfect bedding fabric for babies, toddlers and children.

Silky Smooth:  Because TENCEL® has controllable fibrillation (very fine hairs found on the outer fibres) the fabric has an incredibly silky-smooth finish and gives a natural cooling sensation to the skin.  While cotton has an irregular, rough surface, TENCEL® is smooth and supple, meaning that the material will drape like silk… and feel like heaven.

Easy Care:  Because it is 100% natural, TENCEL® is soft, supple, durable and flexible.  Bambi’s TENCEL® bedding products are odourless, pre-shrunk, and easy care (simply machine wash and tumble dry on low heat). When washing, there’s no need for fabric softener or whitening agents.

TENCEL® Summary:

  • Gives a natural, cool sensation
  • Provides excellent moisture absorption
  • Naturally anti-allergy
  • Prevents the formation of bacteria
  • Is gentle to the skin
  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Luxurious to the touch
  • Eco-friendly & Biodegradable
  • Can be grown on marginal land
  • Has sensuous drape
  • No pesticides used in cultivation
  • Durable & easy-care
  • Dry, cool and smooth

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