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Sleepwise Thermoregulation Pillow


  • Australian Made. 
  • Fill: Blend of SleepWISE® thermoregulating cellulosic fibres, plant fibre and polyester to retain the loft. 
  • Cover: Embossed quality cotton sateen cover 
  • Adjusts to the skin’s comfort temperature, benefiting warm sleepers. 
  • Asthma & allergy friendly. 
  • Eco friendly, sustainable & 100% biodegradable. 
  • Gentle machine wash. 
  • 2-year product guarantee.

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The SleepWISE® thermoregulation pillow is a blend of eco-friendly plant fibre and SleepWISE® thermoregulating fibres. It is encased in a luxury pure quality sateen cotton and is proudly Australian made. SleepWISE® thermoregulation fibre is a new revolutionary natural product that adjusts to the skin’s comfort temperature.

SleepWISE® is a natural botanic cellulosic fibre, obtained from lyocell and natural paraffin oil and reinforced by some polyester to retain loft.

The SleepWISE® thermoregulation has extraordinary technology creating a micro heat accumulator which acts as a temperature buffer between warm and cool.

The success of SleepWISE® is all about temperature control.

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