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Tips for Hot Sleepers: 2


Hot Sleeper? Consider this: Layer your Bedding.

Every night our bodies lose moisture . The cause of this could be medical, environmental, temperature or the use of certain materials on the bed.

Tip 1 covered mattress protectors. Tip 2 looks at sheets, Pillowcases and Quilt covers.

Sheets – When it comes to thread counts ‘more’ is not necessarily better for you. There are many technical arguments for and against high thread counts which can be researched elsewhere. As a general rule, the higher the thread count the lower the breathability of the sheet. Less breathability can exacerbate excessive heat in the bed, . Thread counts of good quality sheets of around 350 – 400 should be considered.

Sheets are available in the market in a wide variety of fabrics from Microfibre (polyester) Poly/Cotton (a blend of polyester and cotton) Cotton, Tencel. Man made polyester fibres when used in sheeting, are affordable and durable but as with most polyester based products they do not breath very effectively. Tencel sheets provide excellent moisture dispersion and the fibre has natural anti allergy properties. They are the only sheets to be accepted into the Asthma councils Sensitive Choice programme.

Pillowcases – If you purchase design Quilt cover sets which include Pillowcases, be aware of the material. Many of these items are made from Polyester or a blend of Polyester and cotton (even the expensive ones). If you are using the design Pillow case as your main pillow consider that your head and face may be in contact with polyester throughout the night. Not ideal if you are a hot sleeper.

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