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woollen quilts

woollen_quilts2The natural crimp of pure new wool holds together for an all-over even spread of warmth on the bed, eliminating hot or cold spots.

Wool fibres breathe for winter warmth and absorb your body’s moisture so you don’t feel hot or clammy in summer. And as wool has millions of pockets of air trapped between the fibres, with a wool quilt you experience all the benefits of warmth and comfort without weight.

Wool quilts are easy to keep clean being an inert fibre that does not attract dust as, unlike feather and down, it has zero electrostatic ability.

They can be easily vacuumed or shaken to get rid of dust, and can be easily dry-cleaned. The washable wool quilts can be machine washed or dry-cleaned which is the guaranteed method of eliminating dust mites and bed bugs… a real plus for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Bambi woollen quilts are the natural and healthy choice for comfort, easy care and for a restful and refreshing sleep.